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Interior residential

When choosing the right painting colors for your residential project is very important to see the significance of color psychology. A home is the centerpiece of every family’s life, after a long day of work, school or any other stressful activity, coming to a home enables peace, love, and tranquility. Being able to sit around your living room, kitchen, bedroom room or any other area in your house and feel warm and welcome can always lead to a healthy lifestyle, giving your family a peace of mind. This is why we do not just consider ourselves Professional Painters but also color consultants, we use the color psychology wheel to help you and your family find the right colors for your painting residential project.

Interior Commercial

Knowing that a day has 24 hours, 12 to 16 hours of that day we usually occupy it working. Therefore, it is of the most importance that when walking into a place of business, the colors chosen for that business not only represent the business but welcomes the employees as well as your customers. Having the right set of colors within your place of business is extremely crucial, the right colors can determine high performance from your employees, positive attitude and mental stability, you can expect the same from customers by adding the feeling of truthfulness as well.

Exterior residential

Many homes today are located in gated community areas, and most of these gated communities are sanctioned by HOA’s (Home Owners Associations) associations usually determine what colors should each resident paint the exterior portion of their home. Sometimes the HOA’s will have a variety of colors to choose from, other times the associations would ask the homeowner to submit the color they desire to paint the exterior area of their home, then the color will be submitted to the board of directors for approval. When painting the outside of your home, we recommend to also use the color psychology wheel, even though there are not many colors to choose from, we always suggest our customers’ use colors that are soft in the eye view, less vibrant colors as well as easily visible at night.

Commercial Painting

Just like homes, businesses also are sanctioned by BOA’s (Business Owners Associations) even though these commercial associations are a lot firmer than the HOA’s (Home Owners Associations) they are still lenient toward the color coordination of your exterior painting project. Also, take in consideration that some of these commercial properties are privately owned, therefore, the owner of the commercial property has to approve what color should your commercial property be painted. At times the city where your commercial property is located has the deciding vote towards your commercial painting project. The city will take your color submission to a board director where they will then reach a determination based on city commercial property guidelines.

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